Our History

Pastor and Mrs. Clark started ABC in 2016 with a handful of people who were looking for a good biblical fundamental church. Aurora Baptist church had its opening day on March 6, 2016 with 317 people in attendance.  That morning about 20 people received Christ as Saviour and many were baptized.  Since our opening day not a single Sunday has gone by where somebody did not make a public profession of faith, and most every week somebody is baptized. Aurora Baptist Church has consistently grown numerically as well as spiritually. We are humble ministry full of people who simply want to bring glory to our God.

Pastor Ken Buller and The assembly of God Calvary Church had graciously allowed us to rent their facilities for Services. We are forever indebted to their kindness in helping us start this ministry.  Since then we have moved to our own building off Diamond.

✝ Proverbs 27:21 ✝

"As the fining pot for silver, and the furnace for gold; so is a man to his praise. "

The two videos above were compiled by "hacked by jesus", but the sermon audio itself was provided by Richie Gessells from his old youtube account in 2013.