Zachary Datuin

"No matter how broken you are God wants you."

I've been attending Aurora baptist church since opening day and it's been such an honor to serve The Lord with my church family. We are not at all a perfect, self-righteous, have it all together church, but rather a joyful, exciting, loving and hard working church that labors only for the glory of Jesus Christ!

One thing that I admire about my friends and family here is that by the grace of God we've learned to understand that no matter where you come from in life, no matter how broken you are or how ugly you think your past might be, God wants you and he loves you and can/will use you if you repent and allow him to work in your life.

I'm so grateful, that ABC reflects Christ in that way, I use to think that because of my past I could never be where I am today, but God changed my life here at ABC, and many others also. It's been a great journey here at Aurora baptist church, and I'm excited to see what unfolds in the near future. Praise the Lord!

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